Our Story

American Force Coffee, a veteran owned and military spouse owned company, was founded in 2018.


Katina is a military spouse and Co-founder of American Force Coffee. She was born and raised in Guatemala, and grew up with some of the world's best coffee. It wasn’t until she had left home for university in Savannah, GA when she realized that her amazing Guatemalan coffee was nowhere to be found.

Fast forward a few years and Katina and her husband (American Force Coffee's other co-founder) decided to bring some Guatemalan coffee for their friends after every trip to Guate. Word got out and eventually they set up a formal business and started an online store offering coffee, subscriptions, and providing business to business services. 

According to Katina, “There are so many veteran owned coffee companies today that claim to have the best coffee, but have no certifications and buy from third parties. We pull straight from my roots, have a direct relationship with our growers and farmers, and are certified specialty grade. Our business is also women/minority group owned and operated. We know our product, are involved in every step of the way and want people to learn and get involved with coffee and the process.”

This process is supported by Katina’s Guatemalan family, specifically her brother, their Director of Sourcing. Their goal is to promote outstanding quality coffee and empower people to learn about where and how their coffee is cultivated- and why that's important. “Good coffee is everywhere, great coffee can be too. We source single origin and specialty grade coffee and make it accessible to everyone!”

When asked what she wished she had known before starting her business, she spoke of American Force Coffee fans. “You think you'll be happy when you get a new customer, but happy is an understatement. The excitement and pride that comes with having a new customer choose you in a sea of businesses is unparalleled, and it fuels the drive to provide the best service possible- day in and day out. We've danced and jumped for joy in the same space where we have worried and argued. It is a whirlwind, but if it is a true passion like it is for us, you wouldn't have it any other way!”

Our guarantee is 100% fresh, delicious, coffee— every time.


As a veteran owned company, we are proud to share a mission with the following organizations. Click on each for more information or email us if you have any questions.



Patriot Challenge - is GallantFew’s nationwide veteran transition advocacy and community fitness event. Patriot Challenge brings together military and civilian patriots each February to raise funds for GallantFew’s transition support programs as well as national and local military and veteran support initiatives. Sign up www.patriotchallenge.org

Gallant Few - a revolutionary veteran support network that provides a variety of programs and services to help veterans make a successful transition from military to civilian life. www.gallantfew.org 
Three Rangers Foundation - a non profit organization dedicated to empowering Ranger Regiment veterans and affiliates to achieve lifelong success through personalized mentorship. Please visit www.threerangersfoundation.org to get involved, donate or get help.

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